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Loft .84 Bridal Expo

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

Hello Brides & Grooms, my name is Carolina Ruiz. I am the owner of 3 Thirty Three Events and had the pleasure of meeting many of you at the Loft .84 Bridal Expo on January 21, 2018! Hope you all entered to win our giveaway, if you did..yay! We are so excited you signed up. We will be choosing a winner for the giveaway on February 14th, so please hang tight! Just a heads up - Every now and then we like to send emails with special offers, giveaways or event updates. We hope you'll stick around! I mean, who doesn't enjoy some cool freebies, right? If you did NOT sign up, no worries, you can still do so. Just click on the Follow Us tab and enter your email.

About the Expo

What an amazing turn out! We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to share the services we offer at this year's Bridal Expo with you. We hope you will consider adding us as part of your wedding day to entertain and create quality memories for you and your guests. A very special thanks goes out to Loft .84 for putting this event together. The food and dessert tastings looked incredible and we heard the complimentary drinks were as tasty as they looked. Although I didn't get to try any of these, I was lucky enough to be set up right next to CREAM which was handing out the most delicious and chewy Snickerdoodle cookies I have ever sampled! In addition, there was a great variety of beauty and wedding professionals that I'm sure will be the perfect match for your wedding day.

Happy Planning!

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